We understand that many people want to celebrate and have weddings at Finse 1222. The framework for the celebration is very special, both during summer and winter.

We start setting up the weddings at the request of guests, but we want to be close to the planning. We help the couple with all the details in the planning period and even during the event itself. It is important to discuss the menu, choice of wine, table layouts, flowers, service, gift table and other details. Ee want to contribute with our experience. When the big day approaches, we will have direct contact with the toastmaster, so that the day will be as you have seen it for yourselves.

Capacity, wedding dinner and band

Many want to marry themselves outdoors. If you a safer alternative in terms of weather, we put the ceremony in Dagligstuen of the hotel. There is also a small chapel in the old school house at Finse, which is used occasionally.

Jøkulsalen has a maximum capacity of 80 people. Beside Jøkulsalen is the restaurant and there is a sliding door between the two. This one opens for groups of up to 120 people. Outside of Jøkulsalen is Dagligstuen with a terrace. In Dagligstuen, there is a comfy lounge where aperitif and cakes often is served.

The wedding dinner may optionally comprise of three or four courses. The menu is created by our chef after what the bride and groom wishes. We import wine from Moestue . The easiest way is if the bride and groom can choose the wine to the food from this list.

If we are to have a live band at the wedding. This is something the couple themselves have to arrange with. We would like to make you aware of the costs related to shipping. Ask us specifically about this and we’ll help you. In the restaurant, there is an elevated plateau that can easily be used as a stage for the band.

We have set up a list of questions that many people wonder related to weddings, please check out. If you want to talk to us, or if you’re wondering prices and available dates, please contact us by phone 56 52 71 00 or email.