At Finse1222, we can assist with the arrangement of trips for friends, birthdays and other celebrations or commemorations.

Arrangement for groups

Just as with weddings, we can reserve private rooms for dinner – and throughout the hotel if you wish. Together with the people you come with or who you invite, we create a menu and a program for the company or your groups.

We have two rooms used for celebrations, Jøkulsalen and Peisestuen. Jøkulsalen has a maximum capacity of 80 People. It has large windows with stunning views of Hardangerjøkulen. Peisestuen is from the original part of the hotel, with a large fireplace and lovely views. Here we have a max capacity of 30 people.

We have set up a list of questions that many people wonder. Some of the points apply to weddings. There are also useful tips for you who want to invite friends /groups as for example for the big 50 or any other big anniversary. If you want to talk to us, or if you’re wondering prices and available dates, please contact us by phone or email.