Frequently asked questions

There is much to think about when organizing a wedding or a big party. If you choose to celebrate at Finse1222, we can help you the most. We answer all questions by phone or email, but we have tried to collect some of the questions that are recurring. Some of the points apply to weddings, but there are also useful tips for you who want to invite friends as the big 50 or any other big anniversary!

How do you recommend that the ceremony take place?

Here it is entirely up to the bride and groom and their wishes. Some have come to the altar with ski sails and dog sled and have had the ceremony outside, at minus 10 degrees. Others have chosen the small chapel located inside the schoolhouse in Finse City. Very many people choose to have the ceremony in our hotel and there has been many great successes.

Do you have the name of a priest who can take care of the wedding ceremony for us?

Yes, we have. You may contact priest Øyvind Eide (Phone number: 98 00 60 75). He has cottage at Finse and has carried out several weddings and marriges.

Where is dinner served?

Dinner is usually served in Jøkulsalen, as there is plenty of room there for everyone. We work closely with you and the toastmaster to create a schedule in cooperation with you. This is supposed to be the perfect evening!

What party menu, we decide it yourself?

The menu created by the chef, but it can be made after the organizer’s wishes. In the price four course dinner included.

When the hotel closes, can we celebrate all night?

Yes, actually. This assumes, however, that the guests are staying at the hotel. External guests must leave the hotel by the hotel’s official closing times. This has to do with the Alcohol Act and fire safety.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No, unfortunately this is not allowed, we follow the Alcohol Act and has since unfortunately been unable to do so. We will happily send you our wine list.

What about midnight snack?

We can help you with most midnight snacks. Note that this is not included in the standard offer from us and involves additional costs. For sausage in bread (2 sausages per Person) kr. 125 NOK Rallar soup we take 150 NOK per Person, for example.

Flowers then, how can we get flowers?

We have a partner who delivers of flowers to Finse. The bride and groom normally want to fix this themselves and that usually is great. We recommend you buy flowers from Blomterstua in Geilo, who can put flowers on the train up to Finse. We accept flowers and send any vases etc. back.
Phone 32 09 1550

Can we bring their own cakes?

Yes! It is possible to bring your own cakes and we can store it in our fridge / cold room.

But the wedding cake, can Finse1222 bake it?

We have talented chefs and bakers at Finse, but confectioners we do unfortunately do not have. We recommend contacting Sofias Cafe and Bar at Bardøla Hotel, Geilo. They can carry cakes on to the train up to Finse. We welcome cakes and send any cake-plates in return afterwards.
Bardøla, Sofias Café & Bar
Tel 32 September 45 30

It is possible for the couple to come up a few days in advance of the wedding, what is the day price for full pension then?

We can have a chat about the event comes closer, there should probably not be a problem to come to an agreement since we will be really happy that you have chosen to put the ceremony to Finse.

There are some kids at the wedding, is there are special rates for children?

Yes, there is. Child prices in 2016 are as follows; children 0-5 years old are free. Children 6 – 11 years 750 NOK per day and children 12 to 15 years are 950 NOK per day.

Can you shut the hotel so this is a closed event for us?

If you are at least 80 people, we gladly close the whole hotel for the celebrations. Please contact us to examine possible available dates.

If you have other questions, simply contact us on 56 52 71 00 or email.