Weddings and groups

Since 1909, many happy and wonderful weddings and anniversaries have been organized at Finse1222. Finse truly gives a special feeling of being together in a small place surrounded by a vast landscape. In addition, guests always feel that it’s lovely to spend two days together for the celebration. We organize weddings both in the summer and in the winter season. Some have wedding celebrations that fill the entire hotel, while others have smaller companies. We have a lot of experience in arranging the party and you'll be in safe hands. Planning and implementation is done in close cooperation with our head of groups and organisations, and you will receive prompt follow-ups along the way.

We have two rooms used for celebrations, Jøkulsalen and Peisestuen. Jøkulsalen has a maximum capacity of 80 people and has large windows with stunning views of Hardangerjøkulen glacier. Peisestuen is from the original part of the hotel, with a large fireplace and lovely views. Here we have a max capacity of 30 people.

In our experience, weddings are best executed when the hotel is privately open for your group only. You’d get the hotel to yourselves, and you may use the facilities as you want. Therefore, the hotel is well suited for a wedding of about 80 people. For smaller weddings, it is still absolutely great to be alone in Peisestuen. We could also just close off Jøkulsalen, if you are a group wanting dinner in a private room.


We understand that many people want to celebrate and have weddings at Finse 1222. The setting and framework for the celebration is very special, both during summer and winter. We start setting up the celebration at the request of guests, but we want to be close to the planning. We help the couple with all the details in the planning period and even

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At Finse1222, we can assist with the arrangement of trips for friends, birthdays and other celebrations or commemorations.Just as with weddings, we can reserve private rooms for dinner - and throughout the hotel if you wish. Together with the people you come with or who you invite, we create a...

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Frequently asked questions

There is much to think about when organizing a wedding or a big party. If you choose to celebrate at Finse1222, we can help you the most. We answer all questions by phone or email, but we have tried to collect some of the questions that are recurring. Some of...

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