Summer Hiking Package

In addition to the the amazing Rallarvegen, the surrounding area offers unique hiking opportunities. You do not have to walk more than 10 minutes before you are in some of Norway’s most beautiful terrain!

Finse lies between two national parks: Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. The popular bike route Rallarvegen also passes through the mountainous area of Finse before continuing on to Hallingskeid, then Myrdal, and further down to Flåm. Finse offers fantastic opportunities for day trips in the areas surrounding it, whether you want a short trip of 1-2 hours or a long day’s hike of 6-8 hours. The terrain itself is relatively soft and easy, with flatter slopes, but as commonly found here in western Norway, the landscape naturally wild.

Finse’s summer season, from 4th July to 1st October, is ideal for hiking and walking trips, in all levels of intensity. We offer a summer package deal that is easily ordered by simply clicking on our online booking here. We have included a sitting mat and foldable cup for your convenience – items every explorer needs! (The package is valid from 4th July to 29th September 2018).

You can read more about our suggested daytrips here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We welcome you warmly!