Rallarvegen Bicycle Rental

Sykkel 1222 is the bicycle department of the Finse 1222 hotel. You’ll find it at the eastern end of the platform. You can collect all of the bicycles you need there. You may also purchase necessary equipment for the biking trip, and get assistance with repairs for your private bicycle. Our friendly staff will extend themselves to help you on your way on the navvy road, regardless of the issue at hand. Many people choose to start their bicycling trip at Finse. Depending on your plans, you can return the bikes either in Finse, Myrdal or Flåm.

Sykkel 1222, Our Rallarvegen Bicycle Rental, offers five types of bicycles.
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Rallarvegen bicycle rental

Our rental shop at Finse is at the train station, east of the station building.

If you choose our rental services, you can ride till Myrdal or Flåm and leave your bicycle there. We will take care of the rest!

Sykkel 1222 has over 29 years of experience. We have learned a lot since 1989, providing cycling enthusiast with better solution (bikes, stock and service) every year. We do our best, to be as up to date with the modern biking industry as possible. Each season ends with an improvement to our flagship, custom bicycle the Merida Komfort, made especially for Rallavegen road. The rest of our two-wheeler stock is also frequently replaced with newer models and types, like our most recent 2018 addition, in the form of the electrical Merida eBIG STEPS TOUR 7.500 EQ.

If any problem would occur during your trip (that you can’t solve yourself), we provide service on the road as well. There is an emergency number which you can always use, in case of emergency.

If you have any more questions, you can always call our bike manager directly at +47 919 10 140.

Our bicycle models

All of our bicycles are perfectly adapted to the mountain conditions of the Rallarvegen road. We are fully aware though, that our customers have specific needs which we try to fulfil with different models which you canfind listed below.

Merida KomfortMerida Komfort Finse 1222 Edition

Our flagship Finse 1222 Komfort Merida model has been developed in cooperation with Stians Sport since 2008. It is very robust, intended to withstand the strains of a mountain road. This model is the most common choice of our customers.

This model has everything you need, for a comfortable, sightseeing oriented ride. A sturdy baggage carrier, mudguards, wide 2.2 inch tires, an easy to use and very damage proof internal Alfine gear system and front suspension.
Both ladies and men models are available. Price: NOK 750 from Finse


Merida, One-Twenty 29 600Merida, One-Twenty 29 600

An enduro full suspension bike. Light, efficient and accurate solution aimed for our most demanding and thrill seeking customers.
It comes with great 130 mm Rockshox Sector front and 190×51 mm Monarch RL rear dampers, with a lockout located on the handle bar. Big 29“ wheels, which are 2.35“ wide, and a mix of Deore and SLX components. The attached bottle holder also comes in handy, during fast exhausting rides. Price: NOK 1050 from Finse



Merida Big Seven Xt Edition / Merida Big Nine Vasa Salen EditionMerida Big Seven Xt Edition / Merida Big Nine Vasa Salen Edition

An MTB bicycle. Perfect solution for more seasoned riders, accustomed to front and rear gear system.

This is a solid and comfortable bicycle, has a 100 mm front suspension from Rock Shox, with an easily accessible lockout on the handle bar. Other features include hydraulic brakes, 27,5“ or 29“ wheels (depending on the model) and a mix of Deore, SLX and XT components (depending on the model). A bottle holder are also mounted. Price: NOK 850 from Finse


Merida elsykkel Finse 1222Merida Electrical eBIG STEPS TOUR 7.500 EQ

An electrical bicycle, for those that value comfort and high end solutions above everything. This astonishing bike will `fly` through any obstacle that you may encounter on Rallarvegen.
A powerful Shimano Steps 600 motor and a 500 Wh battery are more than enough to guarantee an average of 100 km of almost effortless biking experience. This model has everything that you could possibly want, from a premium class two-wheeler. Hydraulic disc brakes, 10 rear gears, mudguards, baggage carrier, a bottle holder and last but not least a computer that will keep you updated on all the details of your trip (speed, km/h, battery strength, time etc.). Price: NOK 1 500


Merida Junior MATTS MACHETEMerida Junior MATTS MACHETE/ Merida DINO SX 20 6-SPD

Very popular junior models, for our youngest adventure seeking enthusiasts.
Suitable for children between 6 and 12 years. These bicycles are equipped with shock absorbers in the front, safe and weather proof disc brakes, and 21 or 6 gears (depending on the model). Price: NOK 450




Gel Seat Cover

This provides extra comfort and is easily attached to the bicycle’s original bicycle seat.
Gel seat covers can only be rented to one of our rental bicycles.
Price: NOK 40,- a day




Ortlieb waterproof pannier
40 liters per bag
Rented only with our Finse 1222 rental bicycles. Not attachable to our Merida-bike, One-Twenty 29 600.
Price: NOK 100,- a day