Expedition Finse

Expedition Finse is Norway's first expedition festival, and we aim to create a place for people who are interested in expeditions and the great outdoors. The festival is for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, whether you have been on an adventure, are planning one or are interested in polar- and expeditions history. We welcome all of you to the festival 8.-10. February 2019!

Jens Stoltenberg opened the first Expedition Finse in 2011. During the first 9 years with the festival many adventurers have visited and shared their adventures with us.


    • Full package single room NOK 4200,-
    • Full package double room NOK 4060,-
    • Full package three bed room NOK 3900,-
    • Full package four bed room NOK 3830,-

The price includes two overnight stay, two breakfast incl. self made lunch pack, two dinners and festival pass.

It will be possible to stay overnight in Yourway’s Camp Framheim. Either in tents that they have set up or you can bring your own.

    • Full package Camp Framheim NOK 2300,-

The price includes access to the camp, shower at the hotel, two breakfast incl. self made lunch pack, two dinners and festival pass.

    • Festival pass costs NOK 750,- and this gives you access to all lectures and out door activities


For booking of rooms, Camp Framheim and festival pass send us an mail











Yourway, Åsnes and Helsport will arrange outdoor activities Saturday and Sunday that you can participate in.


Lectures Friday night: Luca Roncoroni – 20 years with icea and snow…. (lecture in English)

Asaf Kliger

What makes an Italian start building an Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi? Why is he building art installations on several continents? What is the excitement with snow and ice? The answer to all these questions is FINSE. This night Luca will take us through his “life and art expedition”, that he started on in 1999 under the bridge 478 m west of the hotel. Both the projects and the “expedition” itself are volatile, but the memories are strong. Luca will talk about his relationship with snow and ice, to Finse and finsefolk.



Lectures Friday night: Mats Grimsæth – From punk to pro (lecture in English)

Mats Grimsæth

Mats’ lecture is characterized by his strong history with a fierce commitment to make people face their fears and follow their dreams regardless of age. In recent years, Mats has become a recognized photographer and an experienced skipper despite his young age. In the course of 3 years he has sailed 20,000 nautical miles along the Norwegian coast, which equals the distance around the earth. In 2017 he became the youngest expedition leader around Spitsbergen. In one year he crossed the Barents Sea 5 times and in September 2018 he sailed Greenland-Norway in demanding conditions.



Lectures Saturday: Jan Wangaard – Maud Returns Home (lecture in English)

Maud Jan Wangaard has for the last 7 years been project manager to bring Roald Amundsen’s old polar ship “Maud” back to Vollen in Asker. The ship was towed from Canada to Norway by the ship “Tandberg Polar” and arrived at Vollen on August 18, 2018. Jan Wangaard comes to Expedition Finse to tell his story about how and why, with the Maude Expedition 1918-25 as backdrop. This will be a lecture at the intersection of art, cultural history – and a lot of adventure. We look forward!


Lectures Saturday: Anders Bache – Roald Amundsens siste dagbok (lecture in Norwegian)
Anders Bache

Ever since Amundsen left his home on Svartskog in the summer of 1928 and disappeared somewhere in the Arctic Ocean, there has been a desk calendar in his office. In it he managed to write 13 short notes before he disappeared. Together with other newly discovered material from his home, these 13 short calendar notes give a unique insight into Amundsen’s last dramatic days, about the life he lived and the life he had planned to live after the summer of 1928.


Lectures Saturday: Randi Skaug – OddE skiturer (lecture in English)

Some, that is, some and especially one, do the coolest things without ending up in Insta. The adventurer Randi Skaug (59) has been inspired by his hero Odd Eliassen (74), whom you may not know, but who has climbed the highest mountains, been more places than most and skied where no one would believe someone could ski. And still does. But he don’t talk about it. And that’s exactly the coolest of it all.
Where Odd has been skiing, Randi goes. It has led to trips to Iran and Morocco. Skiing. With friends. With wolves and arrests on the purchase. The next OddE ski trip goes to Mongolia. When Australian Joseph Rago (24) learns to ski, he also gets to join. The idea of ​​skiing has evolved into the project An Odd Adventure which is about inspiration, learning new knowledge and doing things together. Across borders and generations, expectations and fears.

The Shackleton award is on Saturday during dinner
​The purpose of The Shackleton Award is to honour outstanding expedition achievements which inspire today’s explorers to new expeditions into unknown territories or conditions.

Concert Saturday: Trang Fødsel

Trang Fødsel comes to Finse to make us all think that “Life it is all right” and that is it! It is set for all singing and party Saturday night, when Trang Fødsel takes the stage during Expedition Finse 2019.




Johan Wildhagen – «Tracking the tracks of skiing to the Mountains of Altai (Lecture in English)

Johan strips nature photography down to the bare essentials. In even the most monotone landscapes he finds vibrant colours, and in busy locations, he can choose to capture moments of powerful peace.

In Northwest China, people are skiing in the same way that Birkebeinerane here in Norway did in time. This is how the Chinese have been skiing for thousands of years. It was here that ski history started, Chinese researchers believe. Norwegians on the side of Norway are the skiing sport say cradle. Who started the ski history, and who can rightly call themselves Skies’ origin?



Races & Claims
Learn more about the truly groundbreaking expeditions of Antarctic history. Here you can put on Scott’s sleigh gear and try to “man-haule” an equally heavy sleigh as they drew. And you can feel it feels like pulling a sledge similar to what Børge Ousland, Rune Gjeldnes, Mike Horn and others dragged through Antarctica.


Yourway Expedition Challenge

Assemble an expedition team and head out into the “unknown” where you have to solve various challenges along the way. This is a digital expedition competition where you will be challenged on skills, knowledge, creativity and, not least, team spirit. The team downloads an App before starting where you get the necessary information, tasks and clues. There is no timing and the tasks can be solved whenever you want, but the goal is of course to collect as many points as possible! Efforts and achievements will be rewarded – in addition, there will be a tremendous honor, fame and not least recognition from the other participants at Expedition Finse.


Expedition Intro
One is not without reason that many polar explorers and adventurers have made their training trips to Finse. Join us and learn from some of Norway’s most experienced expedition guides. We cover the sledge and lay out on a short ski trip. Along the way, we stop and talk about various topics that are important during the winter mountain trip – and on expedition. You get a brief introduction on how to prepare for long expeditions, storm-proof the tent, use of burner, packing of pulk, orientation in terrain, safety routines, as well as tips and tricks that increase the comfort factor in the winter mountain or in polar regions over several days. You will gain new knowledge and experience for your own trips and expeditions.

The course is held by some of Norway’s most experienced expedition guides who have solid expedition experience. The duration is about 1 hour. If you do not have your own skis to Finse, you can both borrow and rent skis at the festival.


Expedition Base Camp

Acapulka, Helsport and Åsnes will all be present at Expedition Finse. In the Base Camp you can ask about anything you might wonder about. And learn about proper use and maintenance of the equipment and test out various models before you go so you know what to get.



Pulk race with Acapulca

The race race is a tradition on Expedition Finse. The competition involves about 2 km of skiing, with a 40 kg sledge in tow! Your competitiveness might show, but there will be a great atmosphere, hot drinks and solid prizes. Best woman and best man are awarded. In addition, everyone who participates gets the opportunity to join the draw of an Acapulka pulk! The pulk specialist Acapulka will provide pulk, pull and harness.


Framheim Chill Out Zone

Welcome to Framheim! Here you find good atmosphere, bonfire, coffee, and you get acquainted with like-minded people. Here you can chat with someone who has more or less experience than yourself, discuss which sleeping bag you think works best on a walk, breathe out after the race, or simply enjoy a packed lunch and a good cup of coffee made on the bonfire.