Tours for pensioners

We at Finse1222 can provide tailor-made programs for small or large groups of pensioner, in both summer and winter. Everything from lectures, walking tours and / or a tour of Finse can be part of the experience. Finse has a lot of history, culture and nature which our knowledgeable staff and partners will be able to tell you more about. Pensioner tours can be arranged as day trips or as tours with one or more bed-nights. If visiting for several days, we recommended day trips from Finse to places such as Flåm through transport via Flåmsbanen. This can easily be combined with visits to the mountains and fjords. Depending on the group's wishes for the trip, we suggest excursions with a focus on culture, nature or food and drink.

Proposed activities for tours for pensioners:

Activity Proposal on Finse
– Guided tour of Finse
– Lecture on the Bergen Railway Line, Finse and the over 100 year old hotel Finse1222
– Visiting The Rallar Museum
– Hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Finse (For example, walking along Rallarvegen or to mountain peaks overlooking Finse and the surrounding areas)
– A light bike ride on Rallarvegen

Activity Suggestions for day excursions to Flåm
– Visit and tour to Stalheim Hotel and Stalheim Folk Museum
– Visit the cheese village Undredal and tour of the Undredal stave
– Guided tour of the cluster yard Otternes
– Guided tour of the shoe factory Aurland shoe
– Round trip on the Nærøyfjord

Transportation to Finse
The hotel Finse1222 is just at the Finse Station. This involves a short distance from platform to the hotel entrance which is less than a few meters. Travelers can therefore arrive with the suitcases and bags. Finse Station is located on the Bergen Railway Line where travellers come from the west (Bergen) and east (Oslo). It is also possible to take a bus to example Gol, Geilo or Voss and then take the train to Finse.

Contact us at or 56 52 71 00 if you wish to receive suggestions for senior tour /  tours for pensioners to Finse. Please send an email to, we’ll send you an offer.