Take the train straight into wilderness and directly to the hotel door, regardless of the weather. Finse 1222 provides the perfect place for an isolated experience with your team. The hotel has a unique and informal atmosphere, as well as large common areas, several conference rooms, and a kitchen which we are very proud of. Just outside the door, you’re greeted by magnificent nature and plenty of recreational opportunities. The excursions we offer require varying levels of strength and stamina - from biking on Rallarvegen, ski sailing, expedition training, dog sledding, to a heated bathing barrel. Ski sailing on the frozen Finse lake is an ideal activity for a group or as a break from class. If you are a used to skiing downhill, you already basically know how to ski sail. Starting from 2011, we introduced several polar experiences around Finse, including a visit to Framheim.

Are you arranging a business trip, kick-off, teambuilding, group tour or maybe an outing?

Have a look at our teambuilding activities at Finse, both during summer and winter. In addition, we also have several other exciting offers, such as lectures and activities arranged by Yourway. Read more about this further down the page.

Lectures at Finse

Are you planning for a bigger group and want ideas for an approach, theme or speaker? Here in Finse we have a knowledgeable staff and external partners who can give lectures in the categories of history, nature and motivation. The examples attached show some options. Price varies on request.

Lecture in history: Finse, Finse1222 and the Bergen Railway Line (Finse1222)
• Historical threads through Finse
• The Bergen Railway Line – a political and technical achievement (The speech can be implemented with an engineering focus).
• The War Story – Airport on Hardangerjøkulen
• The cottages of the Lord – The Barons Garvagh and their hunting cabins in Skarvheimen

Nature-based lecture: Mountain nature and the glacier (Various presenters)
• The Finse nature – Really beautiful, really tough (Honoria Hamre)

Historic talks: Polar History (Yourway)
• Ernest Shackleton: “Finse – an Antarctic in miniature.” Ernest Shackleton is known for his leadership in extreme situations, and some of his foundations were laid in Finse in 1914.
• Amundsen and Scott – The freezing race to the South Pole. In 1911, two expeditions set out towards the South Pole, with two different starting points. One came home with success in the luggage while the other one never came back.
• Nansen & Andrée: Triumphs and tragedies in the Arctic Ocean.
• West Coast or death: A goal without the option of return.

Motivation Lecture (Randi Skaug)
• Towards the top – About carrying through, based on Everest.
• Find the royal feeling – 10 techniques to make every day a good day.
• The slow path – about fear and motivation

Other lectures
• Star Wars and the ice planet Hoth – location Finse

Management workshop

At our hotel, we have conference facilities suitable for a management conferences. Besides meeting rooms of different sizes, we also have the nature at our doorstep with marked trails during winter and hiking and cycling opportunities during summer.

Our partner Yourway can tailor-make team and leadership exercises inspired by the polar explorers. This has been executed for several years here in Finse. Finse has been a popular place for explorers more than 100 years.

Leadership seminars in Finse focus on the first two expeditions that reached the South Pole. Inside the Framheim cabin, participants are visually taken back over a century and get to relive the race to the South Pole in 1911.

Just like Amundsen and Scott, participants will be challenged in a series of tasks. They get to work on their ability to concentrate, work together and practice leadership.

To reach the South Pole, Amundsen and Scott had to make decisions that both caused dissension and a sense of belonging. They both had to work under strong pressure from each other and knew that there was only going to be one victor. At Finse we will recreate both the physical and mental challenges. This will give participants unique experiences.


Our talented partner Yourway specializes in providing experiences for active adventures, both small and large groups. The aim of Yourway is always to provide the “little extra” that is not so easily achievable on your own. Therefore, you will not find many of their experiences and exercises elsewhere.

In January 2011, a historical puzzle of 65 pieces was transported to Finse. Three days later, the puzzle was put together and Yourway could proudly present Framheim at Finse. The Framheim cabin was an exact copy of the cabin Roald Amundsen and his men lived in on the South Pole for more than a century ago.

Aside from Framheim being at Finse, Yourway is also an important partner in the execution of the expedition festival at Finse. Yourway also acts as project manager for teambuilding, outdoor experiences when groups, companies want a tailored program of activities and experiences at Finse, both during summer and winter.

Here are three examples of what Yourway facilitate in Finse:

The Amundsen Challenge: Team competition with various challenges related to the polar history and the race to the South Pole. Questions are about Finse and tasks are solved in groups. A suitable challenge for teambuilding.

Expedition and winter skills: Skills and techniques for winter outdoor activities are adapted for athletic older children and adults. Questions are based on the close surrounding area, which focus on various aspects of planning and implementation of expeditions in the winter.

Dog sledding in the polar history´s sled tracks: Framheim at Finse shows the history of the first expeditions to the South Pole. With an historical framework, one can experience dogsledding in the same manner and with the same equipment as Roald Amundsen and his men.

Are business trips, kick-offs, teambuilding, group tours, management workshops or outdoor activities something you would like to plan? Contact us directly at + 47 56 52 71 00 or send an email, and we’ll send you an offer.