Meeting room

We have meeting rooms available for courses, conferences, meetings and seminars.

Our overviw of the meeting rooms:

The magnificent panorama view of Hardangerjøkulen makes Jøkulsalen a fabulous setting for meetings. The room is used for large groups and as a banquet facility for weddings and other celebrations. The room has full AV equipment.
Semicircle: 30 people
Classroom: 56 people
Theatre: 70 people
Long tables: 34 persons

Meeting loft
The meeting loft is a bright room on the 3rd floor. The room has full AV equipment.
Semicircle: 24 people
Classroom: 30 people
Theatre: 40
Long tables: 20 people

Meetings around the long table in Peisestuen (‘fireplace-study’) provides a warm ambience for any event. From the large glass windows you’ll see the Hardangerjøkul glacier, Lille Finsenut and the Finse lake. The room also serves as the hotel’s library. The fireplace works today just as it has done for over a century. We can arrange AV equipment if desired.
Long table: 10 people

Technical equipment
At Finse 1222 all guests have free wireless internet. The wireless internet covers the majority of the hotel.
Our AV equipment includes a projector, sound system, screen and a flipchart

Other meeting facilities associated Finse 1222

Framheim was the name of Roald Amundsen’s winter cabin in Antarctica (1911). The cabin was used as a starting point for his journey to the South Pole. Framheim at Finse is the only full-scale reconstruction of Roald Amundsen’s winter cabin. Since the original Framheim no longer exists, this is the closest thing to Amundsen’s historic cabin in 1911.
Framheim at Finse stands 30 meters from the hotel and can be rented as lecture hall / seminar room on request.
There is a very special historic atmosphere in Framheim. Here you get real insight into how the polar expeditioners lived in Antarctica. Framheim in Finse is decorated like the original, and has a unique collection of historical materials, clothing, equipment, photos and artefacts. Through reconstructed copies of the equipment Amundsen and Scott used, you can get a better idea of how they lived.

Read more about activities which are carried out in Framheim here.

Are business trips, kick-offs, teambuilding, group tours, management workshops or outdoor activities something you would like to plan? You need meeting rooms? Contact us directly at + 47 56 52 71 00 or send an email, and we’ll send you an offer.