Skiing tours

Creating your own ski tracks has its own charm, traverse surroundings without noise and interruptions on snowy, vast expanses. National parks Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet encircle Finse and already at New Year Eve there is snow here. The first marked ski route of the season goes to Klemsbu and attracts keen skiers who thrive in the polar January mood. As a skiing tourist at Finse you usually follow the marked trails. The farther into the winter season the longer the days become. This leads to more marked trails of varying distance and difficulty becoming available. Not only is the hotel close to train tracks and Finse Station, staked trails start just about 100-200 meters from the hotel and skis can be taken to your doorstep. It does not become easier!

There are good opportunities from Finse in terms of skiing tours in the surrounding areas. You can go skiing short trips of 1-2 hours or a long day for 6-8 hours. The trip can take be 100 meters uphill or flat terrain with no hills. Skiing tours on the frozen Finse waters can be a nice option for beginner skiers or for people who want to go onto flat and less demanding area. The terrain around Finse has easy routes, but there is also landscape which is more wild and difficult for the more experienced.

We highly recommend you using a map and compass (and possibly GPS) when you go on a trip from Finse. The weather can change quickly! Map and almost any necessary outdoor equipment can be purchased at the front desk at our hotel Finse 1222.

Please contact us by email if you want help planning your trip.

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