Ski sailing

Ski sailing gives you the opportunity to "fly" over the vast plains with wind as source of power. With Finse 1222 as host for your stay, you have wilderness outside your doorstep. Due to the extreme qualities of Finse, we have the perfect conditions for ski sailing. Steady winds and large surfaces to move on makes the Finse lake the optimal place for your first expedition with a sail. Ski sailing is best known as a mode of transport for long trips, but today it is a nice family activity and often in demand as an activity in business context. Both national and international people use Finse as a training base for expeditions. In Greenland, they gladly kite or use a sail for part of the trip.

About ski sailing

The activity combines natural wind with the possibility of traveling far on skis. The technique around ski sailing is surprisingly simple. With a basic knowledge of skiing, it is easy to learn. The sail is attached to a harness. The lines on a sails are considerably shorter than a kite, making it easy to maneuver and easy to learn. When you are a bit experienced, you can jump high and far.

Skiseil1222 is an activity shop at Finse which offers courses in ski sailing, rental of sails and skis. At Finse is the main season for ski sailing is from January to March, with several courses where anyone who wants can join. See our future campaign weekends here. For larger groups (over 7 people) we will be pleased to supply own courses for you.

We have created a ski sail video which soon is ready for publication. We will insert a link here when it’s ready. Please contact us if you want to try ski sailing or if you have any questions.

Ski sail course – practical information

Program: Skiseiling

Friday. 20.45 Meeting with the instructor in the lobby
Saturday. 08.30 Retrieving skis if you need to rent them
Saturday. 9.00 Theory Courses begin
Saturday. 10.00 We continue on to the Finse water
Saturday. 13.00 Lunch
Saturday. 14.00 The course continues on the Finse water
Sunday. 09.00 Sailing on Finse water or traveling in areas around Finse
Sunday. 12.00 Departure for those who are taking the morning trains
Sunday. 12.00 Packed Lunch for those who get to the afternoon trains
Sunday. 13.00 Ski sail course continues

Prices in 2018
Daycourse without / with randopakke: 1090 NOK / 1490 NOK (not overnight) (If minimum 5 persons attend)
Daycourse without / with randopakke: 1490 NOK / 1890 NOK (not overnight) (From 3 to 4 persons)
Two day without / with randopakke: 1690 NOK/ 2290 NOK (not overnight) (If minimum 5 persons attend)
Two day without / with randopakke: 2290 NOK/ 2890 NOK (not overnight) (From 3 to 4 persons)
The prices does not include accomodation, only ski sail course.

Some weekends from January to March we offer courses. Price consisting of accommodation (double room) for two days, 3-course dinner, breakfast, self made lunchbag and refill of your own Thermos as well as the skisail course for kr. 4890, – / 5290, – (with / without randopakke). See the list of our campaign weekends in our year program here.

If it is not possible to complete the course because of the weather, the guest still will have to pay 25% of the agreed price of the course.

Clothing and Equipment when ski sailing
For a ski sailing course we recommend that you to have warm clothes with water and windproof layer outside. Hopefully, there will be some wind and then it might be good to cover your face, often with a balaclava if desirable. Warm scarf. If you are you taking your own skis, we recommend Alpinskis or optionally Telemark. Want to rent skis for the course, please contact us in advance about this. Mountain skis and cross-country skis have soft bindings and can easily be destroyed. Naturally, we help you find the right sails for the day’s weather and wind.

It is relatively easy to learn to ski sail, but it requires great strength in both arms and legs and a basic knowledge of skiing. If in doubt about your children are old enough or will master it, you can contact us and ask to speak with a trainer. For older people learning how to Skiseil is relatively simple, but it requires a basic knowledge of alpine skiing, when the wind blows strong it can go very fast. Ski sailing is generally a very family friendly activity because it is easy to learn and can one can get started quickly without extensive training.

Rental of sails and skis
In the east end of the platform at Finse Station is the activity shop Skiseil1222. Here we offer courses in ski sailing, rental of sails and skis. You will also be able to buy the necessary hiking equipment. Have you previously completed a course in ski sailing, please contact us if you wish to rent sails.

Courses for groups / businesses
Are you a group of mimimum 3 people? If so, we can set up special courses both on weekdays and weekends from January to April. Are you a business that wants to use ski sailing as a break in the work program, this can both be arranged as a half-day or full-day activity.

Ski sail history
In March 26, 1910, an article in Trondhjems Adresseavis reffered to “the new sport kite skiing”, but already in 1888 Fridtjof Nansen crossed Greenland on skis and put a kind of sail on their sled. Skiing pioneer Karl Roll journey across the plateau with skis and sail in the early 1900s and then Børge Ousland crossed the Antarctica with skis in 1997, he also had with him sails. Since then, ski sailing has evolved much, although today is a popular mode of transport for crossings Greenland and is used on other expeditions. The hotel started already fall 97 / winter 98 to offer courses in ski sailing and during this time has become a “Finse-thing” and a popular sport among young and old.

When Borge Ousland crossed the South Pole in 1996, he used sails, now it’s your turn to cross the Finse water.

Kiting at Finse
The company Skikite offer kite courses at Finse. From January to May they set up courses on weekends with individual enrollment. Skikite also offers courses for companies visiting Finse, whether weekends or weekdays. For more information on dates and prices, read here.