Rental equipment

Skiseil 1222 / Bike 1222 are activity shops in Finse, located at the east end of the platform. In winter, we offer courses in ski sailing, rental of sails and skis, including ski boots and ski poles. During the summer season, we rent out bicycles for Rallarvegen and offer repairs for your private bike.

List of rental equipment you find here.

Prices for rental equipment valid for 2018

Randonné, Åsnes (FYK)
Randonné-pack a day (skis, boots and poles): 650 NOK
Randonné package, additional day(s): 200 NOK

Mountain skiing, Åsnes
Mountain skiing equipment, a day (skis, boots and poles): 450 NOK
Mountain skiing equipment, additional day(s): 200 NOK

Ski sail course

2-day course: 1690 – 2290 NOK
Daycourse: 1090 – 1490 NOK

Rental snowshoes
Snowshoes, a day: 300 NOK
Snowshoes. additional day(s) 100 NOK

Guide: Skiing
Up to three hours – max 10 persons: 5000 NOK

Cycling with guiding (incl. history) Rallarvegen

Maximum 10 people (day): 10 000 NOK

Merida, Bicycle Rental
Comfort bike: 730 NOK
MTB: 850 NOK
Pro – full suspension 1050 NOK
Repair half hour / hour + parts and equipment: 210/450 NOK
Panniers: 100 NOK
From Haugastøl (NB Only applicable for groups of over 15 people): 895 NOK

In order to book a rental bike, please visit our webpage here. When ordering more bicycles, add one at a time to the shopping basket.
Read more about biking on Rallarvegen here.