Finse is surrounded by National Parks Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. The popular bike route Rallarvegen also passes high mountain Finse before continuing on to Hallingskeid, Myrdal down to Flam. From Finse there are good opportunities for day trips in the surrounding areas, whether you want a short trip of 1-2 hours or a long day for 6-8 hours. The terrain in the area has easy paths, but the landscape is also characterized by the wild nature as we know it from the West.

In October 2010, Friflyt gave out the book “Turer rundt Finse”. The book includes tips for trips / hikes both in summer and winter. On DNT site www.ut.no there are also suggestions for walks on Hardangervidda. More information on marked routes from DNT found here.

We recommend using a map and compass (and possibly GPS) when you go on a trip from Finse as the weather can change quickly. Maps and any outdoor equipment can be purchased at the front desk at our hotel Finse 1222.

Please contact us at Finse1222 if you want help planning your trip.

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