Glacier walking

A glacier tour on Hardangerjøkulen has everything for the nature and outdoor loving people; dramatic formations and unforgettable vistas. There are glacier tours on Hardangerjøkulen with Jøklagutane, these are arranged during the summer season. Exploring Blåisen or the Blue Ice, is an unforgettable experience.

The glacier trips starts up as soon as the weather and melting snow allows, usually it means from July to September. Hardangerjøkulen is the 6th largest glacier and second largest platåbre. Glacier hike usually takes place in the dramatic icefall, Blåisen.

About the glacier trip
Finse 1222 works with skilled glacier guides who have extensive experience in arranging glacier walking. Climbing harnesses and other claiming equipment are necessary when the Blue ice is to be explored up close. The guides arrange all the necessary equipment. If you’re attending the glacier trip you need to have normal, good physical health and condition. The tour lasts for about 6-7 hours and the glacier is situated roughly 1.5 hours away from Finse by a hike.

The tour normally starts at about 11 a.m., from Finse Station. Attendance will be taken in the waiting room.

Clothing and Equipment
There are no weather conditions for trips on Blåisen, but be aware that it can be cold on the glacier and the weather can change quickly, even in midsummer. We recommend the following equipment; good hiking boots, windproof and waterproof jackets and pants, blouses, gloves (preferably waterproof) and a hat. Remember sunglasses and sunscreen. Food and drink must be brought along for the trip. Contact us at Finse1222 at the latest 12 days before the trip if you wish that we make a lunch bag with food and drink for the trip. Hot drinks in thermos can also be purchased.

It is our partner Jøklagutane AS which hosts the tours on the glacier. The price is 690 NOK per person. This price covers guide, necessary glacier equipment, insurance and a personal gift that can be used during the trip.

Tailored glacier walks for groups / business trips
Tours on the Blue Ice other routes can be customized both in terms of group size and wishes concerning the duration and difficulty. Groups can for example be divided into three where a group only goes to the glacier before returning and the other groups are divided in two with a shorter and a longer walk on the glacier.

Take a look at the film to see what Jøklagutane can do on the glacier here.

For bookings of glacier tours, make an order here. If any questions, contact Jøklagutane AS by mail.