Expedition training

Since Finse’s beginning in 1909, the likes of Nansen and Shackleton used Finse due to its extreme qualities. Finse has been described as an "Antarctica in miniature" and when Sir Ernest Shackleton was here, he stated that "this is the ideal South Pole Landscape". Finse remains an apt training ground in present day, too.

Expedition training

During the winter, people still use Finse as a training place before expeditions. Surrounded by an Arctic climate and a landscape reminiscent of Antarctica, Finse has dusted off its proud polar history and warmly welcomes today’s expedition climate.

National parks Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet attracts adventurers who want to test their form and equipment before trips to, for example, Greenland, the South Pole or other areas where having skiing experience plays an important factor. Equipment for expeditions is transported by train to Finse, just as Nansen and Shackleton did when they came to Finse over 100 years ago.

For more information about the expedition training at Finse, in connection with business trips, or if you want to use Finse as a training ground yourself, please contact the hotel via email. We can arrange serving of food on arrival and rental of meeting facilities.

The south side of the Finse lake is suitable or camping.

Yourway, Bergans Turglede and Hvitserk are among the companies that use Finse as training grounds before their expeditions. Read more about the three companies and what they offer in terms of winter training and expedition training here:


In Finse, the company Yourway arranges expedition training based on Ernest Shackleton’s visit to Finse in 1914, wherein he tested men and equipment for his upcoming Antarctic expedition. With his stories, as well with Yourway’s own experiences with trips in the polar regions, these courses provide knowledge that can help you on your way to your expedition dreams!

Yourway specializes in active adventures, for both small and large groups, corporate events. Specially made programs where expedition and winter skills are part of the experience are put into leadership training and teambuilding. The concept “Amundsen Experience,” when attending the “Amundsen’s South Pole journey,” has become a popular event in winter.

Read more about this exciting experience here.

Bergans Adventures

This company has a variety of trips both in Norway, but also abroad, among others the classic skiing expedition across Greenland and hiking to Mount Kilimanjaro. They offer expedition training courses for those with little or no experience in winter outdoor activities, and it happens in Finse in March or April each year. Read more here. (Norwegian page)


In recent years, Hvitserk organized several winter training courses in Finse. During the four days you learn handy tricks and tips to maximise your enjoyment in the winter outdoors. These include navigation, assessment of avalanche terrain, packing the sled, and Primus instructions.

Expedition Festival Expedition Finse 8.-10. February 2019

Expedition Finse is Norway’s first expedition festival and aims to create a gathering place for arctic explorers. The festival will be for anyone who has been on tour, for those who plan to go on a trip, and for anyone interested in polar and expedition history.

Expedition Finse was opened by Jens Stoltenberg for the first time in 2011. Through the first five festivals we have been visited by clever and engaging adventurers. Børge Ousland, Ragnar Kvam, Stein P Aasheim, Randi Skaug, Petter Nyquist, Aleksander Gamme, Rune Gjeldnes, Sky hunters, Ronny Finsås and Leo Houlding, to name a few. The Shackleton Award is handed out and we also host lectures about the polar history.

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