Day trips in the summer

Finse is in a place surrounded by national parks Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet. The popular bike route Rallarvegen also passes Finse before continuing on to Hallingskeid, Myrdal down to Flåm. There are many good opportunities for day trips from Finse to surrounding areas. Whether you want a short trip of 1-2 hours or to set aside the whole day, there are trips for you. The terrain in the area has easily traversable paths, but the landscape is also characterized by the wild nature and difficult terrain. Please contact us at Finse1222 if you want any help planning your trip.

Since the weather can very quickly change here at Finse, we recommend that you bring a map and compass (and possibly GPS) when you go on a trip. Maps, compasses and a lot of outdoor equipment can be purchased at the front desk at our hotel, Finse1222.

If you wish to bring a guide on your hike, for example on a route which is not ready for the season yet, we at Finse1222 can help you with knowledgeable and local guides. The price will be arranged depending on your request.

We have made a small list below of day trips from Finse with some simple descriptions. Some of the hikes below are marked by DNT in the summer, read more about it here.

Day trips from Finse

Time: Up / Down 1- 1 1/2 hours
Length: 2 km
Go over the railway line and up the hill by the ski lift. At the top of the ski lift, turn right where a high cairn appears. Here you will find a great view point over Finse, the glacier and the national park Hardangervidda. With soft moss to sit on and possibly a beautiful sunset in the west, this may be an especially nice trip in the afternoon / evening.

Time: Up / Down 2-3 hours
Length: 6 km
Walk along Rallarvegen over the bridge and past the Finse tunnel.
This trip will give you a nice view over Finse, Hardangerjøkulen and mountains around Finse, both north and south. There is a lot of flat mossy parts which are great for a packed lunch break. The trip is suitable for children.

Time: Up / Down 3-4 hours
Follow the marked trail in the summer in the direction of Klemsbu / Geiterygghytta. Turn right before the summer bridge that crosses the river.
Sandalsnuten is found in the national park Hallingskavet. From the top you can, if the weather permits, see Skarvheimen and its steep mountain side. The trip is fit for both children and adults.

DNT-marked trail in the summer (July-September)

Blåisen, 1400 m
Time: Up / down 4 hours
Length: 12 km
Follow T-marked trail across the dam at the east end of the Finse water. Follow the signs towards Blåisen. Go over the summer bridge that crosses the river. Proceed upward several moraines, which shows how much bigger the glacier has been.
Do not move up the ice without guide or necessary glacier equipment! In fall, the summer bridge is taken away, be sure that this hike is available before starting to plan the trip.

Contact Finsehytta or Finse1222 for updated information on when the bridge is set up and taken down. The trip is suitable for slightly older children, since the walk is over a summer bridge and that the marked trail also passes sections with larger stones and gravel.

, 1600 m
Time: Up / Down 4-5 hours
Length: 12 km
DNT-marked trail in the summer (July-September)
Follow the marked trail in the summer in the direction of Geiterygghytta until you reach the Klemsbu cottage. The cottage is only open for serving during weekends in the winter season. In fall, the bridge is taken away, so be sure that this route is possible before planning your trip. Contact Finsehytta or Finse1222 for updated information on when the bridge is set up or take down. The trip fit for fit children and adults.

Along Rallarvegen
Time: 0.5 hours – all day
Trip to Fagernut (westerly direction)
Time: 4 hours
Length: 20 km
Trip to Bull Botn (easterly direction):
Time: 3 hours
Length: 14 km
The hikes are suited for children and adults, as the trips take place on Rallarvegen, which is about 3 meters wide and is easily traversed. Some cottages are open for serving parts of the summer / autumn. Please contact us for more information.