You can travel to Finse by Train, bike or by foot.

Finse is situated on the highest station of Bergensbanen at 1222 meters above sea level. Although there is no actual road to Finse, it is easy to get to the hotel either by train, on foot or by biking on Rallarvegen. Finse is located in the middle of national parks and protected areas. It is a wonderful starting point for tours, walks or other activities. Finding your way to the reception desk is easy since Finse 1222 has a location on the train platform.


Finse is situated about four hours away from Oslo by train and two and a half hours by train from Bergen. There are four departures that run daily in both directions from Finse station (including night trains). You can buy train tickets at NSB.no. If you are travelling in group, please see this page for information on group discounts. You can also download the NSB application or visit the NSB website for an overview of all departures to the location Finse. It is also possible to drive by car to nearby stations, park there and take the train up to Finse.

Parking in Voss, Ål and Haugastøl

If you are driving by car from the West, you can park in Voss. In Voss, there is parking at the station and the parking fee is fairly reasonable. The train from Voss to Finse takes roughly about an hour. If you come from the East, it is nice to park at Ål station since the parking is free. The train from Ål to Finse takes about an hour. It is also possible to drive to Haugastøl where the parking is also free. The train from Haugastøl to Finse takes about 20 minutes. However, note that not all trains stop at Haugastøl, so check the time table / schedule before departing.

For you who bike Rallarvegen to Flåm and are planning on going back to Oslo or Bergen, please use Flåmsbanen from Flåm to Myrdal. At Myrdal, switch train either towards Oslo or Bergen.