De Historiske – The Historic Hotels & Restaurants

Finse 1222 is a proud member of the Historic Hotels & Restaurants group in Norway.

Finse 1222 has been a member of the Historic Hotels & Restaurants since 2012. De Historiske is a membership organisation containing many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants. To be awarded such a title requires particular awareness of the role as a host, and the importance of history as essential to the framework of every guest’s experience. Today there are 57 hotels, 22 dining places and 1 boat that are members of the organisation.

We want our stories to continue to live on in the visitors’ memory long after they have returned home. We strive to provide good service, a pleasant atmosphere and high standards in all aspects.

De Historiske, together with its members, has proposed several travel routes and visitiations that make it easy to experience an exciting and wonderful vacation in Norway. Finse 1222 is included in a couple of these suggested packages, and you can read more about the content here.

We hope you will be happy with your experience!