The Rallar museum

Do you want to learn more about the history of the Bergen railway, Rallarvegen and the life of the people who worked and lived here? If so, we recommend you to visit the Rallar museum, a history museum at Finse. Inside the museum are amongst other things an authentic smithy and a working cottage, while outside of the museum are old snowblowers / locomotive lined up, catching the attention of both young and old.

Inside of the Rallar museum are currently two exhibitions: “Norways future – The breakthrough” shows preliminary work, design, stitching and construction of the Bergen railway in 1871 to its opening in 1909. “The fight against the snow” shows historic snowploughing equipment and tells how this mountain stretch was actually kept open through the winter. In the summer, stands amongst other things steam and diesel ploughing trains and different snow equipment outside of the museum.

The Rallar museum at Finse was founded in 1986 by Finse Vel, NSB, Finse 1222, Ulvik Herad and the Norwegian Railway Club. The Rallar museum opened in 1990 and aimed to continue the special history of the “alpine stretch” of the Bergen railway.

The museum shop in the entrance has small selection of items, including books and postcards. One of the books sold here is Sigvard Heber´s book from 1924 “Då Bergensbanen blev til.”

Where is the Rallar museum

The museum is located on the opposite side of the bike shop Sykkel 1222 along the platform on Finse 1222, but on the opposite side of the railroad tracks. Go along the platform towards the west and walk over the crossing. Walk east past the green warehouse and looked toward the old locomotives.

Hours and Fees

Adults: 40, –
Children: 20, –
Family: 100, –
The museum is during 2017 open on a daily basis from 09.30 to 21.30. It opens from the start of July and closes on September 10.
In winter, the museum may be opened on request. Entrance fee can be paid at the museum or in the reception at Finse 1222.

Group Visit

During visits of larger groups, it is desirable to notify in advance.
The cafe / museum shop can supply seats for 25 people and has a maximum capacity of 50 people.
Out of season, that is not during the period July to September 18. It may be possible to arrange special opening for groups by appointment.


CEO: Kjell Magne Tangen
Phone: 905 00 940