Klemsbu 1600

One of the most popular skiing trips at Finse is to go to Klemsbu, a cozy little cottage 1600 meters above sea level. The "Waffle Cabin" is a popular gathering and resting place on the 14 km long Klemsbu roundtrip. The cabin is opened most weekends during the winter, it sells fresh waffles, hot and cold drinks as well as chocolate. It is our own guests, acquaintances and Finse friends that keep the cottage open. That is, you can work at Klemsbu!

From Finse 1222, you walk up 400 meters in altitude and approximately 5 km in distance. The terrain varies from flat areas to steeper surfaces. The wind is also often a little stronger on the plateau near the cottage. The trip to Klemsbu is normally doable January, while the entire Klemsbu roundtrip becomes doable sometime later during the season. To get to the cottage, you have to cross the railway line, head up the path head up past the large pylons and on to the cottage. During the winter, it is also sometimes possible to do a detour to Geiterygghytta from the same path towards Klemsbu.

The Klemsbu 1600 cabin is owned by Finse1222 and the operation is done in collaboration with the Finse skiing team. The cottage was built in memory of Andrew Klem, who was the General Manager at Finse. It is largely driven on volunteer efforts. The cottage is only open in the winter for serving. Remember cash, since there is no card terminal here.

From Finse to Klemsbu, it takes between 3-4 hours and is a trip suited for children and adults.

Klemsbu worker

Do you want to combine a trip to the mountains with volunteer efforts in the cozy “waffle hut”, Klemsbu? This is possible from January to May. As “Klemsbuvakt”, or Klemsbu worker, your responsibility is to make and sell waffles as hot and cold drinks. One must be at the cottage from Friday afternoon to Sunday. The cottage has no electricity or running water and there is sleeping accommodation for 4-5 persons on the loft. In other words, you get the traditional cottage feel.

You are responsible for getting yourself and your luggage to Klemsbu, but we are responsible for the waffle mix and other goods. Finse 1222 hotel covers train trips to / from Finse and food for the weekend for up to three people. Many traditions are already built into the Klemsbu. Several groups of friends / families return year after year for a trip to a cabin in combination with volunteer work.

It is the Finse skiing team that is responsible for the Klemsbu workers. Do you want to be Klemsbu worker? See the list of available weekends here.