Handlebu – The shop

The old railway crew that built the Bergen railway still has a small department left in the hotel: a small shop.

We sell a range of items, including groceries and sports goods and clothes, from our reception desk. The reception and Handlebu are incorporated as one. We also sell groceries to those of you who have private cottages and apartments in Finse – just drop in! We have a list of goods that you can use when buying goods, which can be found in the reception. You’re more than welcome to take a list with you to your cottage or apartment. If you would like to take an online look at what we sell, please click here.

We also sell equipment which you might need for your trip, including hats, gloves, t-shirts, wool shirts, long johns, maps, portable cups, sunglasses, sunscreen, Finse buffs and more.

Pre-ordering of goods

We are happy to accept and accommodate pre-orders for the goods available. The order must be sent via email by Monday at 12:00, for delivery for Friday. Remember that we greatly appreciate if you notify us in advance for bread orders, then we know for sure that we can give you what you want.

See you in the reception!