Finse skiing centre

Finse Skiing Centre is a small centre with opening hours on mainly the red days of the calendar, as for example on New Year's and Easter. The centre will occasionally also be open on weekends in the winter season. The lift takes you up 200 meters until you reach the top. The view that greets you up there is worth the trip in by itself.

Finse Skiing Centre has the goal of keeping the lift opened at least 30 days of the year. However, this is of course dependent on snow and weather, amongst other things. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for an overview of the planned open days of the year.

About Finse Ski Centre

Normal opening hours, on open days: From 12.00 to 16.00. (In addition, there will occasionally be skiing at night offered).
Track Category: Red
Length: 900 meters
Height difference: 200 meters (1440 m to 1239 m)

Rates in 2016

Family card (4 named individuals) – 2500 NOK
Additional cards per family member – 600 NOK
Day ticket – 250 NOK
Easy Tours – 30 NOK

Ticket can be purchased from us at Finse 1222 hotel.

The ski centre is run by Asbjørn Skjøthaug.