About Finse

Finse has undergone major changes since its start up in 1909. From being originally a railway town, tourism has become the most important source of income today.

Together with the opening of the Bergen railway, a large crew was stationed at Finse to maintain the tracks. The railway crew ensured the operation of the railway and eventually established families here in the mountains. At one point there were 50 families living in Finse. The Finse community consisted of the hotel, NSB, the crew, a school and eventually Finsehytta. The families moved from Finse when NSB downsized and today tourism is the main business.

In addition to the hotel and Finsehytta, there is accommodation in Steinboligen. There are also around 100 cottages and more apartments, some of which are rented out privately.

Finse also has a ski lift and a museum, and the hotel has a cottage called Klemsbu.