A hotel with a unique and historic atmosfere

Our hotel Finse 1222 is located at the highest point along the Bergen Railway, at 1222 meters above sea level. It was first opened in 1909, at the same time as the Bergen Railway was completed. Finse is only reachable by train, bicycle, or foot, and the platform is located 2,5 hours east of Bergen and 4,5 hours west of Oslo. The hotel is found directly on the platform, overlooking the stunning glacier Hardangerjøkulen, amongst other views, and is generally surrounded by a scenic and beautiful mountain region. During the winter, Finse 1222 is open from January to the end of May, and during the summer from July to end of September. The hotel has 41 rooms and 109 beds.

Finse 1222 opened in 1909

The hotel opened in 1909 at the same time as the Bergen Railway line was opened. The building has undergone major changes throughout the years, however, the historic essence still is within the walls. There are many exciting stories to tell about the start-up of the Finse city, the polar heroes and Star Wars.

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Simple and charming rooms

There are 41 rooms with a total of 109 beds, spread over three floors. About half of the rooms are double rooms, but we also have a few single rooms. The larger rooms are well suited for families or groups who want to stay together. All the rooms have simple...

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A restaurant with a manorial experience

The restaurant and food have always been an important part of the Finse 1222 experience. We know that meals are important for guests who are traveling, whether with family or with colleagues. Therefore, we have skilled chefs preparing everything from scratch, and not taking any shortcuts.

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