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Rallarvegen bicycling package one overnight stay / two overnight stays

The route starts at a high altitude and continues past Hardangerjøkulen while passing large rivers of meltwater from the mountains. After this, the road continues through the wild Flåm Valley with its many waterfalls and ends in a beautiful and famous Norwegian fjord. Rallarvegen offers not only breath-taking scenery, but a journey through fascinating culture and history.

Business trip

Finse 1222 is the perfect place to visit with colleagues, serving as a great location to gather and get away from the usual surroundings of everyday life. The nature, the hotel's historical atmosphere, personal service, and good food all contribute to a wonderful stay.

Ski holiday in the mountains

Enjoy walks in the untouched terrain around Finse or a ski tour in the surrounding areas. Strap on your skis, the adventure begins right outside the hotel doors!

23. september 2018
23. september 2018

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Rental open from July to September

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Finse 1. oktober 2018
Finse 1. oktober 2018
Finse 1. oktober 2018
Finse 1. oktober 2018


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Finse 27. september 2018
23. september 2018